Friday, October 17, 2014

Back Home Part 2

So now is my photo slideshow of our journey back east.   After Oregon and a little ride down the coast we headed towards Tahoe.   I think the next time we do this we have to head out of NY and head south first then west, especially if we go in early spring.  Then return via a more northern route as the weather warms.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself since another four week vacation is not something I see in my near future.

I hope you've enjoyed the blog.  I've enjoyed going back over it a few times.  Sorry it took so long to finalize but it's been on my to do list.  If it's on the list it eventually gets done.

I wish we were planning another trip like this for 2015 but I don't think that is in the cards.  I would not mind trying to take two weeks and perhaps stay in the northeast but go further north.  Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Quebec?  Perhaps the Finger Lakes to the Great Lakes?

The final pics below.

Parasailing in Tahoe.  It was really quite cold.  No thanks.

Our Tahoe Gal lake cruise was a nice way to get out on the water for three hours on our rest day. Tahoe is beautiful.
 The Tahoe Gal bucket of Bud Light ladies.
Cool cloud coming in.
 After leaving the chilliness of Tahoe it did't take too long to get HOT!!!  Here we are heading out on Route 50 through Nevada and into Utah.  If you look close there is a little dust Devil in the distance.
 Yup.  I'm still there.
 Pretty lonely.  Liking this.
 Lonelier.  Even better.  I guess I earned my pin.
 This is route 50 in Utah.  Looks kind of the same as in Nevada.
 Servier Lake.  Waterless lake.

Interstate 70 - Perhaps the loveliest interstate in the US?!?!
The Colorado and the Suzuki.  They look good.
Mark Twain national Forest in Missouri.  Kind of a gloomy day but it's always nice to be away from population centers.
Waiting on the Dorena Hickman Ferry.  Did I mention I love a ferry?
We were the only passengers.  We tried to buy a t-shirt, but they did not have what we needed.  The Mississippi is brown.  I didn't realize this left from Missouri. 
 Yummy BBQ.  Highly recommend Southern Reds Bar-B-Que if you are ever in Water Valley, Kentucky.  It wasn't too far from the ferry.

 Their version of drive-thru.
 Look wheat!  I bet there is corn on the other side.
 We had this homemade pizza in Kentucky.  Impressed with Kentucky.
 We took a short ride one day while in Tennessee - found a little burger joint along the way.  Very good shakes.
 And we are back!!!!
 Much different view than the bikes, but we enjoy this as well.
Until next time!!!

Back Home Part 1

I figured three and a half months was just about the right amount of time before I settled in and took a moment to reflect on our month long journey.  Just kidding, I'm a slacker.  It already feels like a lifetime ago but now as I look through my husbands pictures for the first time it reminds me of how much I enjoyed this trip.  I'm reminded how I tried to convince Steve to sell everything and live a life on the road.

I'm sad it's over and perhaps avoiding the inevitable end of this blog and not looking at the close to 800 pictures Steve took has stalled me putting the experience behind me.  But, it's time to face it, the 8,000 miles and 30 days are history, fall is here and we have returned to daily routine.

I thought I would take this opportunity to publish some of Steve pictures.  Many came with fond memories, others came with the question where the heck was that?  I think I need to re-read the blog.

Here is our night 1 hotel.  Everything was sold out 3 miles away, but plenty of rooms here!!

Night One
 A whole lot of nothing!  My favorite!

Dam!!! I have no idea where this is.
 Likely taken while riding somewhere in Indiana.
 I'm in front.  More nothing.  My guess is either Indiana or Illinois.  My high vis helmet is doing the job!
 Rain - You stay over there and I'll stay over here.

Going back to the early days.  Sac City IA.  We were making a mad dash west and met a lovely fellow named Bill.  Steve asked if he could take a picture with his bike and he kindly obliged.
It's so nice to be standing.
I always love a friendly face.

Badlands!!!! I had no idea what to expect.  That made for a happy surprise.  Below is a bada$$ Badlands bunny.
 I have to imagine it's like a mini Grand Canyon. 
Downtown Wall, SD.  I learned the Wall Drug is a famous drugstore.  It was nice to have a little downtown area to walk to in the evening.
 Custer Stare Park - our first buffalo viewing.
 Chatting with other tourists.  Always fun.  The roads in the state park were great, but we hit some rain. 
 Hurry up! It's about to hail on us. 
Later that same day - after terrible road construction the sun greets us at Devil's Tower.  Our only campaign night.
I'm pretty sure I could get into this camping thing.  Although I see cabins in the distance.  They look appealing.
 Camping laundry rack.
 Bikes at Powder River Pass, the highest point of the Bighorn National Forest on Route 16.
 Bear Tooth Pass Montana - heading into Yellowstone!!  Why did I only bring my mesh?  Even though it's sunny I have to wear many layers of fleece, my mesh and then my rain coat to keep the wind out.
 Getting colder.  Due to altitude the bikes were hesitant to start when we would stop for pics.  I think I'm trying to huddle down below my very, very small windscreen.
 At least we had the sun.
Look really closely!!! There I am.  Freezing but now heading down to lower elevation.  Would definitely do it again.
 Yellowstone!  Finally.  Warmer temps.  I was so thrilled that I was able to book the economy cabin by Mammoth Hot Springs.  Nothing could thwart my happy mood, not even the cold.
 It's so beautiful.  Would love to stay here again.
Old Faithful.  Boring.  One and a half days in Yellowstone is absolutely not enough.  We were here in late May which I think was great because we had not really hit the summer tourist season.  I can't imagine the traffic in the park in the summer time. 
We are heading out of Yellowstone on our way to Jackson Hole, WY.  I think Jackson Hole is the only town on this trip that I have slept in before.  I am excluding the cross-country trip when I was 5 because I don't remember it.
 Leaving Wyoming - heading into Idaho.  Some much needed coffee at Smiley Creek Lodge.  Cold again.
Payette River, ID.  This is the type of riding, along with farms that I enjoy most.  Farms and following rivers.  Mountain passes are nice also.
 Another memory blank.  But the road goes right through this crevasse.  Another unexpected find.
 Yup, I'm still back here.
 Our westermost stop.  The view of the docks at night in Port Orford, OR.
 Climbing the rock at the beach.  I'm probably lucky I didn't hurt myself.  I can be a bit of a clutz.
I thought I would stop at our westernmost point for Part 1 on Back Home.

It's quite fun going through the photos and remembering the trip.  Whereas I once referred to this as a once in a lifetime trip.  I really want to do it again.  Not next year, but hopefully within the next ten years.