Friday, October 17, 2014

22. CDay 22 & Day 23: Charleston, MO to Franklin, KY to Johnson City, TN

Charleston to Franklin was all farm roads. Lots of corn, wheat and cows.

As we left Franklin we were headed to the ferry to cross the Mississippi from Missouri to Kentucky.  Apparently the Dorena-Hickmman ferry is the only one to cross from Missouri into Kentucky.

We were the only passengers.  It was a nice ride.  I love a ferry...and farmland and rivers and mountain passes.

Not too long after the ferry we stopped at Southern Red's Bar-B-Que.  It was delicous.

 After that this was the view most of the rest of the way.

Wheat on the left.  Corn on the right.  Then it would switch.  We did get to watch some crop dusting planes which is exciting. 

We made it to the rally!!
Originally we cook so late that we were in the overflow hotel, but we were on a waiting list for the main rally hotel.  We actually got a call that they could move us to the main rally hotel which was great given that we would be setting up our HVMP table there.  It would have been challenging to make our shifts from the overflow hotel.

And so we rested and sold bar ends and rested some more.  We were quite happy with manning the bar ends table in the morning, then rest.  Then go to the pool, then go back to the bar end table, then eat dinner, then rest.

Working hard.  Isn't our banner awesome.  Thanks Kendra!
 Some of our good friends that we met through motorcycling.
 My new ride, maybe?

The rally was a good time for us to relax before we made our final haul back home. 

Here are some stats:
30 days on the road.
7,950ish miles.
300ish in rain.
0 mechanical issues.
1 night camping.
1 hail storm (bikes were parked).
2 nights mooching a bed from family-we need to do more of that!
27 motel/hotel nights.
1 GPS purchase
Countless McDonalds salads, fries only twice.
2 sore rear ends.
2 happy cats and 1 thrilled mother now that we are home safe

Thanks for reading.

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