Friday, June 13, 2014

21. Day 20 & 21: Norton, KS to Clinton, MO to Charleston, MO

We are moving closer to our destination of Johnson City, TN and we are two days ahead of schedule. I changed our reservation to arrive in TN on Saturday instead of Monday. I'm fine with this because it will give us time to figure out our HVMP merchant table set up as well as kick-start our volunteering duties with hospitality. 

We made an appointment for Tuesday afternoon to get new rear tires. Ours would probably make it back to NY but I'd rather get tires too soon than too late. 

The past two days have been nice roads but nothing monumental in terms of touristy, sightseeing stuff. That's part of what I enjoy about motorcycling, the ride is the sightseeing. I think because I spent the last 20 years commuting in a car that I no longer find that fun. A car (unless it's a convertible) is just a way to get from point A to point B.  I never commuted on a motorcycle so riding it is like a vacation all on its own. 

We did make it to that largest ball of sisal twine in the world. 

Yesterday we ride through the Mark Twain national forest and the Ozark national scenic riverways. 

We had to sit and wait out the freight train in the rain.  You can see it through the trees in the picture above. 

We spent a good portion of the day (200 out of 300 miles) in drizzly rain. I think we just sat in the front that was moving eastward with us. At least we weren't at 10,000 feet so the temperature was warm.  The ride was nice in spite of the rain. 

I had to change the batteries on the spot locator again. But I've learned that the power button blinks red when there are less than 100 transmissions left. 

Not sure where we are headed today. We are only 500 miles from Johnson City but we will take two days to get there. So today will be leisurely. 

We are going to try and take a ferry across the Mississippi. Pictures forthcoming!!

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