Tuesday, June 3, 2014

17. Day 12 = HVMP is OOO

HVMP blogger is currently out of the office....just kidding.

Today was our rest day.  We did some route planning and dealt with some technical issues back at home due to power outages caused by some storms back east.  We did manage to spend some time at the local Port Orford Heads State Park.  They have some really neat trails that go out to the bluffs (is that what you call them?) overlooking the sea.  Port Orford is a historic Lifeboat Station. 

Did I mention that Port Orford is the Westernmost point in the contiguous 48? 

In the later afternoon we walked along the Port Orford Battlerock Beach and I finally stuck my toes in the Pacific.  Wow - that is some cold water.

Steve adjusted the pre-load on his bike and also had the realization that some of the heaviest stuff (such as spare gas, extra chain) was in his top case and moving that stuff to the side bags might keep the bike from being less top heavy.  It only took 12 days but we are figuring this stuff out.  I followed suit.

We are walking back to the same restaurant for dinner to see what the catch of today is!!!

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