Sunday, March 9, 2014

1. The Long Ride Ahead?

Like many people I recently found myself facing an evolving employment situation.  So why not take the potential of having more time on my hands and making a mini-adventure out of it?

Let's back up a minute.  This blog is HVMP's Long Ride Ahead story.  My business, HVMP, sells heavy bar end weights for many different types of motorcycles.  The heavy stainless steel bar ends add weight to the end of the handle bars and change the resonant frequency of vibration, hopefully making your long journey more comfortable.  You can read about that more on the website if your interested.  Back to the ride.

HVMP has always been a side business as I worked my real day job.  Now that the face of that real day job is changing I'm trying to work in a bit of a break.  As both a personal and Industry member of the Concours Owners Group it was always my intention to travel to Johnson City, TN in June 2014 for their 25th anniversary national rally.  It was going to be a week long journey.  Evolving employment?  Why not make it two weeks?  Hey, why not make it a month?  How about we go to TN via California?  Sounds like a good plan, right?  I even agreed to camp (let's see how quickly I regret that decision).

So here we are.  As this idea has gotten legs and the probability of actually taking place has steadily increased I thought documenting it might be fun.  I always forget to take pictures, so if I can log in throughout our actual journey and say a few words it may help my aging memory.  I'm currently thinking this trip has a 40% chance of happening.  That has improved over an original 25% in late January.

We (and by we I mean my husband) have started mapping daily routes for the GPS, although we are certain we will have to change them on the fly, we wanted to lay out a general route.  New helmets and spare chains have been ordered.  Just today I received my sleeping bag and alcohol stove.  Mom said she would pay for the Spot locator, she likes to keep track of us. 

So welcome to my first blog about my first NY to CA (and back) motorcycle trip.  I'm sure my mom will enjoy reading it...maybe I'll get a few others.
I went with the high visibility. 

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