Thursday, May 8, 2014

6. Tick tock...long ride coming soon.

The past couple of weeks have been long ride uneventful as we were just waiting patiently.  With just over two weeks before our scheduled leave date I feel things are ramping up and before long I will feel completely unprepared and frazzled.  So far we are on track to make this happen.  My fingers are still crossed.  Steve has spent a lot of time fine-tuning the route to keep things scenic.  I know things are going to get hectic in the next couple of weeks but we will just ride it out.  Once we leave things will just have to figure themselves out.

Last weekend we did a test run of tent set up, to make sure all the pieces were there.  I'm not crawling in it until I have to though.  We also did some hiking/snake hunting with our nephew.  We were successful in the hike but not in the snake hunt.  Bring on the great outdoors!!

Comfy looking, right?
There's got to be a snake here somewhere.
Just today I activated the spot locator.  I tried the check in option to my very short list of people who would tolerate a pre-programmed message from me and it worked.  I'm still learning.  I'm having some issues with the route tracking, but I'll get there.

This upcoming weekend we are doing our pre-trip oil changing, chain cleaning and Steve's Versys needs a new battery.  Steve also purchased some mushy new hand grips from Pro Grip.  So this weekend is all about bike prep.  Oh, and Mother's Day of course.

The weekend after next, which will be our final weekend before we leave, is all about packing.  I want the bikes packed by Sunday night so all we are doing is tying up loose ends during the week.

On the HVMP front, a friend of ours recommended that we sell our bar ends at the Concours Owners Group (COG) national rally we are attending in Johnson City, TN.  This entire journey was born because of the planned trip to Johnson City.  He was also kind enough to offer to transport our product for us since he will be trailering his bike down to TN.  Of course, I then decided we needed a HVMP banner for our table, which means we needed a logo update.  Luckily for me, another lovely COG member is handling the logo stuff, so I can get my banner printed up in time.  Those COGger's are a really helpful bunch.  I guess that's why their motto is Join for the Bike, stay for the people.

I've also decided to place a last minute order with our machine shop to stock up on inventory.  Leave it to me to leave HVMP unmanned during our busy sales month of the year.  I'm sure my back-up will do a great job since the business used to be his!!!

I also decided to get a PayPal card reader for my i-phone so we can accept payments at the rally.  Another thing to add to the technology list.

Want to give me money?? I am prepared to accept!!
Since it's currently Thursday, how about a TBT?  This is my first touring bike, the Buell Blast.  This was taken in Sugarbush, Vermont around 10 years ago.  Both my safety gear and my luggage have improved dramatically since then.

This was a loud, loud motorcycle.
Finally, what's a blog without cats?  We hope these two won't miss us too much.  We have a team of regulars who will be feeding and tending to them and a lot of people on call. 

So as the clock winds down I will continue to wind myself up until the moment when we pull out of the driveway and begin heading west.  I will continue to worry about preparation until that moment, but when we are underway everything will just fall into place.

Thanks for reading!!!

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