Saturday, May 31, 2014

13. Day 8- The Long Ride continues to change course. Mammoth,Yellowstone to Jackson Hole, WY

We really enjoyed Mammoth Springs.  After sleeping in our lovely cabin I was able to walk to the springs in the early morning.  At 6:30AM there was only one other person there.  I spent about an hour walking around and saw the sunrise from the springs.  I did not see a single animal except for a rather large bunny.
My early morning panoramic
We stared at each other for a while

Our ride for the day was through the western side of Yellowstone.  There was some road construction that had us hanging around for 15 minutes but there are always nice people to chat with during a traffic jam.
Required Yellowstone Buffalo grazing shot, check.

We did this on the way out instead of the way in.  We are generally kind of backwards like that.

We finally made it to Old Faithful.  When I was here in 1997 we missed Old Faithful and didn't hang around to see it.  So I was determined to see it this time.  In normal fashion we just missed it and had to wait over an hour to see it.  But again, we met some nice people to chat with.  One woman was originally from Pelham, NY but now lives in Wyoming.

To be honest when it finally went off I was a bit disappointed.  I guess I had built it up in my mind to some gigantic 100 foot blast up towards the sky.  Apparently, the force of the previous eruption determines the next eruption and we had just missed a good one.  We checked out the lodge, shared a roast beef sandwich and were on our way.
Not so thrilling, huh?

We only road 150 miles because of all the stopping in Yellowstone.  We arrived in Jackson Hole relatively early and we thought about moving on but decided to stay.  It's a nice town and we didn't really know where to go next anyway.  In keeping with our cabin theme (our new version of camping) we found this lovely place, it even has it's own bathroom.
Camping?  Who needs camping when you can have this?

In our constantly changing route, I think we may keep going west into Oregon, then maybe hit very northern Cali before hitting Route 50 in Nevada/Utah (dubbed the loneliest road in America) and then go into Colorado.  The temps of southern Nevada and Arizona currently very off putting, so we may try to keep things northern until we have to dip down in to Tennessee.

I'll let you know when I know!!!  Thanks for reading.

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